Functional Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation Workshop

2-5 pm Sat 14th October 2023
Edgecliff, Sydney

Price AU$150


‘Nasal breathing gives you better airway function, which improves:

    • your lungs,

    • your body’s functioning,

  • your sleep,

  • your exercise and

  • your sports performance’


Your nose is for more than just smelling

Our sense of smell is one of our most important senses, but our nose has many other benefits:

  • it warms, humidifies and cleans the air we breathe
  • it improves oxygen uptake in the lungs
  • it helps guide proper growth of the jaws and teeth
  • it helps our immune system
  • it can improve how well we sleep too

Nasal breathing helps the nose perform all the various functions that helps us keep healthy.

Nasal breathing helps to activate brain circuits associated with emotion, memory and learning. During nasal breathing, electrical activity in various parts of the brain starts to synchronise with respiratory rhythms. Mouth breathing on the other hand does create any changes in brain activation.

Researchers found that people’s ability to perform mental talks and remember is better when they are nasal breathing.

A number of problems arise from mouth breathing

Theses include many functional and structural problems and a cascade of health issues, such as issues affecting:

Oral health
Children’s health
Snoring and sleep apnea
Facial growth, posture and muscles
Facial and dental development
Brain function and stress response

More information on mouth breathing is available here.

Mouth breathing can lead to ‘Nasal Disuse’

‘Disuse” of nasal breathing does not just mean you breathe through your mouth. It has a much wider effect on your body and well being.

Some of these impacts include:

  • changes in posture, oral muscle function and structural development
  • weakness of nasal muscles that open the nose during breathing
  • changes in the ways the brain processes sensory information from the nose
  • changes in propreoception

However there are also functional issues that perpetuate mouth breathing.

These functional issues can cause people to feel like they can’t get enough air through their nose even when there’s sufficient nasal airflow.

Functional Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation program

The Functional Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation (FNBR) program promotes healthy nasal breathing and addresses functional issues that may have developed from “nasal disuse”.

This program can be used in conjunction with dental, medical and surgical treatment and might help to improve outcomes.

The exercises in this program aim to:

  • train the sensory functions of the nose

  • provide mechanical stimulation to the nose

  • improve whole body breathing patterns

  • promote better posture and muscle function

  • reduce nasal discomfort and hypersensitivity

When: Saturday 14th October 2023, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Suite 2/2 New McLean St, Edgecliff NSW 2027 @ Next Practice care of GenBiome – Integrative Medical Centre

Workshop fee: $150 

Space is limited to 20 participants – secure your spot by registering above today!