Integrative Breathing Therapy Institute presents
The full Integrative Breathing Therapy practitioner training!
Developed by Dr Rosalba Courtney PhD


Begins 5 July

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Learn how to optimise results for your patients with multi-dimensional and individualised breathing retraining and breathing therapy

Are you confused about the many types of breathing therapy
and breathing retraining approaches?

Do you want to have expert skills and professional level understanding
of the art and science of breathing?

Join us for this comprehensive and evidence based training course, with six months of online learning and mentoring with Dr Rosalba Courtney DO, PhD

This course is for health and fitness professionals who either:

  • Want to add evidence based breathing therapy and breathing retaining to their clinical skills, or build on existing skills and knowledge in their area.
  • This course is ideal for those with a background in physical therapy, osteopathy, breathing therapy, sleep medicine, orofacial myology, speech and voice therapy, respiratory psychophysiology, integrative medicine, sport and exercise science, or for any professional with a keen interest in the world of breathing therapies.

Join us for 6 months! We want to ensure you have time to implement what you learn and fine tune your skills!

Why do this course?

We believe this is the most comprehensive breathing therapy course available. It is about mastering the science and practical skills of breathing therapy and breathing retraining.

Many difficult to treat patients, unresponsive to standard treatment can improve when their breathing issues are addressed.

What’s included?

You’ll receive:

  • online lectures

  • live weekly online tutorials

  • course notes

  • the most current research

  • mentoring

  • weekly support as you treat five of your own patients

This course will provide you with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to be an effective practitioner of modern  evidence based and multi-disciplinary breathing therapy.

One breathing method does not fit all patients!

This course promotes individualised treatment, reflective practice and critical thinking rather than any particular dogma.

On completion of assessments and case study reports you will be eligible
for certification as a practitioner of Integrative Breathing Therapy.

Be able to assess and treat multi-dimensional aspects of dysfunctional breathing using evidence based tools.

Become skilled in a range of evidenced based breathing therapies, and most importantly, you will know which approach is best for each patient.

Get a deep understanding of the biomechanics, biochemistry and psychophysiology of the breath.

Understand why breathing therapy needs to be tailored to each patient.

Learn how to combine these skills with your clinical practice to enhance patient care.

Be mentored over 6 weeks as you treat 5 of your own patients.

This course is not limited to teaching one type of breathing retraining.

By the end of this course you will understand how and when to utilise techniques such as:

The Butyeko breathing technique

Resonance Frequency Breathing


Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback

Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Mindful-Breath and Movement

Resistance training breathing

Dynamic breathing

You will learn how to work with clinical protocols developed by Dr. Courtney such as Integrative Nasal Rehabilitation, Cranial Breathing, The Breathing Basics and other components of Functional Breathing Retraining.

This course will teach you how to use  a full range of validated assessment tools.

You will learn how to apply and interpret the results of assessment tools that address biochemical, biomechanical and psychophysiological dimensions of breathing.  These include validated questionniares (including the MARM, the NQ), breathing pattern assessment (the MARM, Hi Lo), physiological measures (capnometry, heart rate variability, breath hold time), upper airway assessment and specific breathing challenges.

On completion of all course components and assessment tasks you will receive a certificate as an Integrative Breathing Therapy Practitioner (Level 1).

Much of the material presented in this course is unavailable elsewhere!

Dr Rosalba Courtney PhD

“I’m really excited to be making this course available. I see it as the culmination of my life’s work. Over the decades I’ve been working with breathing therapy and retraining in my clinical practice and I have seen some amazing benefits for people with various conditions and I’ve become more and more aware of the broad and diverse body of knowledge about both the art and science of breathing.

In recent years I’ve seen breathing become popular, gaining public attention across many countries, different interest groups and various professions. However, many people are unaware of the full scope of what breathing can do and I think that the therapeutic and healing potential of breathing is not being realised.

However standards vary and there is a lot of contradiction and confusion. This course is to professionalise and set a standard for breathing training that’s appropriate for health professionals wanting to include breathing modalities into their practitioner tool kit.

Please read about this course to see if its what you have been looking forward. If it is I look forward to you joining me.”

Summary of the course

View course schedule (PDF)

Weeks 1-4  The foundations of breathing therapy and the science of breathing

In these first few weeks you will build the foundations required to understand and skilfully apply the more clinical oriented material presented in the next sections of the course.

Weeks 5-17 Multimodal and individualised breathing therapy/retraining

In this section you will learn how to assess and treat all dimensions of dysfunctional breathing as well as how to use breathing training as an adjunctive tool for management of various conditions and improved physical and psychological health and athletic performance.  The assessment tools will include validated measures for evaluating the biochemical, biomechanical and psychophysiological dimensions of breathing. You will also learn a range of evidence based breathing therapy/retraining methods and understand how to apply these skilfully in patients with various conditions.

Weeks 18-23 Clinical focus and grand rounds

You will now have 6 weeks of mentoring and peer support while treating five of your own cases using all the IBT assessment protocols and breathing techniques. This is where you really get to implement and embed your new skills.

Integrative breathing therapy practitioner certificate

To receive the certificate of Integrative Breathing Therapy (Level 1) you will be required to;

  • view all recorded lectures and read course material
  • attend 80% of tutorials
  • complete assessment task
  • write case reports on 5 cases.

Numbers are strictly limited as there is a strong mentoring focus!

Thank you for all your interest! It’s been overwhelming!

Unfortunately we are now fully booked out, however do let us know if you’re interested in our next course.

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Course fee

Evolution of this Course and The Integrative Breathing Therapy Institute

The Integrative Breathing Therapy Institute is pleased to present this course which has been developed by Dr Rosalba Courtney DO PhD.

Dr Courtney is an osteopath who completed her PhD on the topic of dysfunctional breathing and breathing therapy. She has 40 years’ experience as a practitioner, teacher and researcher who for the last 25 years has extensively explored both the art and science of breathing.

Dr Courtney has been training practitioners in various breathing methods since the 1990s. She developed and tested a number of the clinical assessment tools and protocols of Integrative Breathing Therapy during her PhD research. Since completing her PhD in 2012, she has gone on to further explore and refine breathing therapy approaches for conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, chronic back and neck pain, medically unexplained chronic conditions, anxiety, children’s health and other conditions publishing her work in peer reviewed scientific publications.  (see Dr Courtney’s list of publications and research in progress)


The Integrative Breathing Therapy Institute is pleased to present this inaugural professional training course.

The IBT Institute was established to:

  • provide education for health professionals in multidisciplinary and evidence based breathing retraining and breathing therapies,
  • contribute to the development of professional standards in this field,
  • encourage multidisciplinary collaboration and understanding, and
  • encourage and support ongoing research in this field.

Research and clinical evidence is increasingly showing the many ways that breathing affects physical and psychological health and performance. As a result, breathing retraining and breathing therapy protocols are being increasingly utilised by health professionals in many professions including physical therapy, osteopathy, breathing therapy, sleep medicine, orofacial myology, speech and voice therapy, respiratory psychophysiology, integrative medicine, sport and exercise science. However there are few opportunities for comprehensive training in this field.

The IBT Institute training programs aim to help practitioners from diverse field to get the level of theoretical and practical training that allows them to be effective and highly skilled professional providers of breathing therapy and breathing retraining.

The IBT institute provides certification and membership to practitioners who have completed the training and shown clinical competence.

The IBT Institute supports and provides opportunities for multidisciplinary discussion and collaboration.

The IBT Institute participates and advises on research in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing therapy and breathing retraining.