Online course
Begins Mon 28 September

5 week workshop
5 Monday nights beginning
6.30-8pm Mon 28 September

Cost: Special introductory cost $300

Join us online!

During these days of COVID we have being assessing and treating patients via Zoom video conferencing, and these consults have been proving to be a very effective way of working with breathing and breathing practices. So we are very keen to present “Breath, Mind, Body” online. This is the first time we’ll be presenting this course in this way, and we are preparing lots of support material to make it a very worthwhile and engaging way to learn and practice!

Join us for what will be a very rewarding experience.

Numbers are limited, so book soon! 


Breathing is a bridge linking mind and body. It’s a powerful anchor for mindfulness. It’s a tool for training stress resilience, a way of knowing ourselves more deeply and a pathway for treating ourselves more kindly.

This 5 week course offers a unique combination of breathing, movement and mindfulness practices that can be used to create calm and relaxation. It also introduces dynamic practices that allow us to invigorate and enliven ourselves.

Learning to calm ourselves when overwhelmed, and to enliven ourselves when depleted, allows us to more fully engage with those things that really matter to us. This is a key focus of this course.

Breathing practices, gentle body movement, relaxation techniques and mindful attention – use them effectively and enjoy playing with them. The range of techniques taught are based on what research shows really works, and they are developed from a wide range of proven practices.

Come along and enjoy an empowering and invigorating exploration!

Session 1 – Embodying presence with mindful breath and body practices. Being with yourself. Mindful presence heals.

Session 2 – Exploring mindful movement and whole body breathing. Generating and nurturing pleasant sensations in the body for self-regulation of stress.

Session 3 – Watching mindflow. Being the observer of your own mind and feelings. Learning to take a step back, see it and let it go. How to be with negative emotions and unpleasantness.

Session 4 – Managing the vagus and connection. Creating resonance and coherence in the body and the nervous system with breath, movement, attention and feeling.

Session 5 – Power up and calm down. Using cycles of arousal/activation with rest/release/relaxation to balance the nervous system.