It was a pleasure to present in LA on Sunday 17 September at The Breathe Institute! The full day’s recording is now available!

In this latest course, Dr Courtney brought her unique perspectives to retraining and rehabilitating the nose and upper airway!

  • Improve your clinical problem solving!
  • Better serve your clients and help treat more difficult cases!
  • Get a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the whole respiratory system with the nasal and upper airway!

As always, it was great to be working with The Breathe Institute again – thanks for your support!

Recording now available!

This one day training will open your horizons and give you new breathing and neuroplasticity based protocols and techniques to optimise nasal and upper airway health.

We have recorded the full day session, with video of both the slide presentation and a separate video of the presenter, and subtitles, and the chat stream from the online participants! Below is an image of what you’ll get….

Gain deeper perspectives on issues such as…..

  • How the vagus and sympathetic nervous system affect nasal breathing
  • How the nose connects with the brain and breathing control
  • How to use neuroplasticity to train nasal and upper airway function
  • What are the sinuses and how can we keep them healthy
  • Cranial nerve perspectives – functional nasal and upper airway rehabilitation

Learn the techniques for applying Dr Courtney’s ‘Functional Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation Protocol’. Recently published in the IOJM [1], the FNBR Protocol is a comprehensive yet a simple approach that improves multiple aspects of nasal function.

Results from this study show that this protocol is effective and well received by patients because it makes sense, is enjoyable, easy to practice and is effective.

Additionally, learn about the Integrative Breathing Therapy (IBT) system’s theoretic approach and breathing based techniques to rehabilitate the nervous system’s control of the tongue and upper airway. 

IBT is a person centred approach to airway optimisation and breathing training that is individualised, comprehensive and multidimensional.

Integrative Breathing Therapy treats breathing as a system made up of functionally and neurologically linked parts such as the nose, upper airway, thorax and diaphragm. It recognises that breathing has many primary and secondary functions with the potential to heal via a range of mechanisms.

Join us and become part of the network of  trained professionals who can apply the comprehensive and science based Integrative Breathing Therapy models and techniques to really help individuals improve their breathing and overall well-being.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Theoretic principles and clinical tools of Integrative Breathing Therapy
  2. Understand the practical importance of functional and neurological links between the upper airway (nose and throat disorders) and dysfunctional breathing
  3. Understand nasal, tongue and upper airway dysfunctions from a breathing systems perspective
  4. Learn IBT approaches and techniques to improving nasal and upper airway function

Target Audience

Speech and language pathologists, orofacial myofunctional therapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, integrative medicine practitioners, Buteyko practitioners and naturopaths.


Rosalba Courtney’s Functional Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation article –

1.            Courtney, R., et al., Functional nasal breathing rehabilitation: effectiveness and feasibility of an online integrative breathing therapy protocol. International Journal of Orofacial Myology and Myofunctional Therapy 2022. 48(1): p. 1-14.

View course schedule (PDF)

The recording is now available with video of
both the slides and the speaker!

7 hours with lots of good information, great questions
and discussions with the group and time to
practice techniques!

Cost: US$650

Recording now avaiable!