‘Breathing for Calm’ 

Join Dr Rosalba Courtney for an enlightening discussion on harnessing the power of breath for inner peace and stress reduction.

5-6pm Sunday 14 April
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66 Old Barrenjoey Rd
Avalon NSW 2107


“Your breath is a sacred gift, a constant companion on your journey through life. Treat it with reverence and gratitude, for it holds the power to transform your experience of the world.” – Unknown


Have you ever wondered why breathing is often hailed as one of the most potent tools for increasing calm and decreasing stress?

Discover the Science Behind Breath and Stress

Gain insights into how breathing affects mental, emotional, and physical responses to stress. Explore the fascinating intersections of ancient traditions and modern science in understanding breath control.

What to Expect:

In this one hour free talk, Dr Rosalba Courtney will delve into the art and science of breath control. Learn how conscious breathing can effectively manage psychological and physical stressors. Dr Courtney will share scientifically validated techniques that, when practiced regularly, promote inner peace and emotional well-being.

Don’t Miss Out:

Unlock the transformative potential of your breath. Reserve your seat today for an illuminating journey towards calmness and resilience.

Join Dr Rosalba Courtney PhD to find out more!

Dr. Rosalba Courtney ND, DO, PhD is an osteopath and developer of Integrative Breathing Therapy. Dr Courtney is an experienced and seasoned facilitator with a background in breathing psychophysiology research and many decades of experience in clinical practice.

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5-6pm Sunday 14 April
Bookoccino Book Shop
66 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon NSW 2107