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Healing Resonant Breath - audio download

The Healing Resonant Breath – audio download


A guided audio by Dr Rosalba Courtney PhD with sound healing Zobet frequencies by Ashera Hart.

In this guided breathing meditation you will be guided to find your own perfect speed and depth of breathing for relaxation, autonomic nervous system balance and healing.

This type of breathing is called resonant breathing or resonance frequency breathing because it allows your body systems to work together harmoniously, producing a unique state of physiological efficiency and balance.

Healthy Breathing Healthy Child – DVD


This instructional DVD for children contains the breathing techniques of the Healthy Breathing Healthy Child Program.

  • How to stop mouth breathing
  • All breathing techniques – including Buteyko Method, Resonant Frequency Breathing, Remedial Breathing.
  • A full breathing practice routine set to music suitable for children from age 4.

The Healthy Breathing Healthy Child program teaches children with asthma, allergies, mouth breathing and other types of breathing dysfunction how to breath correctly.

Healthy Breathing Healthy Child - Music for breathing practice CD

Healthy Breathing Healthy Child – practice music CD


Music for Buteyko and Remedial Breathing exercises for children

Music that helps children practice the breathing techniques of the Healthy Breathing Healthy Child program.

This CD is music only, designed for children who have already attended a breathing workshop.

Make Your Nose Breathe - DVD

Make Your Nose Breathe – DVD


This short DVD teaches children who are mouth breathers how to breathe through their noses. 

One of the most important things we can do to improve a child’s dental and facial development is to make sure they breathe through their nose and not their mouth. Children with asthma, allergies, snoring and sleep disordered breathing also benefit from learning nasal breathing.

Note: This video segment is an excerpt from Dr. Rosalba Courtney’s Healthy Breathing Healthy Child instructional DVD – see above for the full DVD.