Honolulu, Hawaii – Mon 21 Sept

Location – YWCA Laniakea

Cost – US$345

Early bird fee before 17 Aug – US$295

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A rare opportunity to attend a workshop with two experts in their fields – Rosalba Courtney and Ron Hruska. One not to miss!

Join us for a unique one day practical workshop with Rosalba Courtney and Ron Hruska focusing on breathing, mindfulness, sensory exploration and movement practices to tone, regulate and activate cranial nerves linked to airway function, breathing, social engagement and self regulation.

Breathing – Cranial nerves are involved in the sensory and motor functions of breathing include the vagus, the glossopharyngeal, the hypoglossal, the trigeminal. Most of these nerves also have a role in the body’s social engagement system which is integral to stress resilience. We will explore ways of activating the limbic system and promoting brain lateralization with nasal techniques. Also, how to use breathing and vocalization practices for the vagus.

Mindfulness – Focusing the mind on sensory information, that travels via cranial nerves, creates mental quietness while also wakening the sensory system.

Vision, Voice and Hearing – An exploration of how our respiratory system is influenced by our vision, occlusion, our feet and our vocal systems in the lateralized patterned human.  After a brief overview on these topics, we’ll explore manual work to the thorax for the enhancement of  integrated sensory  processing.

Movement – Movement practices that engage and regulate the vestibular, oculomotor, spinal accessory nerves.

The Venue – The historic YWCA Laniakea

04 YWCA Pool-644x483

Built in the 1920’s, the YWCA Laniakea was designed by Julia Morgan, the first woman accepted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and is still considered one of the most prestigious female architects from America today.

The pool – 1927

The name Laniākea means “open skies” and the YWCA is on a mission to create opportunities of growth, leadership and power for more than 4,000 women and girls across the island:

“We stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. We help to ensure that women can support themselves and provide for their families and offer tools, training and guidance so that women can realize their dreams. Our members are women who, in turn, go on to contribute to their communities and beyond. We increase opportunities for community participation through recreation, education, giving and volunteering. We are bridging racial and cultural divides in order to realize a peaceful, harmonious and productive community.”