Melbourne – Sat 23-Sun 24 May

Cost $800 practitioners

Early Bird if paid before 30 March – $700

Location –  Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

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Breathing is the interface between structure and function.

Functional breathing supports spinal stability, optimal motor control and efficient patterns of muscle use. Because the body always prioritises breathing above all other functions restoring functional breathing can be the missing link for achieving optimal treatment outcomes for back, thoracic pain, neck pain, pelvic pain and for injury prevention.

This course provides manual therapy practitioners with the tools to both assess and correct dysfunctional breathing patterns with a combination of evidence based breathing retraining and manual therapy techniques.

Key Topics

  • Understanding the real world difference between functional and dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Applied functional anatomy of breathing
  • How breathing affects posture, movement patterns and spinal stability
  • Breathing, pain and the brain
  • Breathing in back, neck, shoulder, pelvic and TMJ pain
  • Assessing functionality of breathing pattern with the simplified Manual Assessment of Respiratory Motion (MARM).
  • Applying principles of neurodevelopmental progression, motor learning and neuroplasticity to breathing retraining
  • The Breathing Basics protocol
  • Manual therapy techniques for re-setting the diaphragm