We are so pleased to be presenting our first 6 week, face to face workshop since COVID, at Bookoccino!

Join us in Avalon, Sydney, every Sunday evening from 6-7.30pm 2 July as Rosalba leads you through the subtilties of functional breathing to improve your health!

Thank you Bookoccino!


Breathing, relaxation, posture and muscle function retraining for adults using

  • breathing

  • movement

  • mindfulness

  • relaxation

This program teaches you over 6 weekly sessions how to correct poor breathing habits and how to use breathing in combination with mindfulness and relaxation to manage symptoms, behaviour and stress.

Our breathing directly reflects our health

Breathing can become disturbed or dysfunctional due to specific health issues such as asthma, anxiety, chronic sinusitis, chronic pain, panic disorder, long COVID or in general when there is dysregulation or overload from physical or psychological stressors.

The program can help with:

– providing a structured and individualised approach to optimising breathing. Functional breathing retraining aims to:

  • Rehabilitate nasal breathing
  • Improve upper airway function
  • Improve efficiency of diaphragm and respiratory muscle function
  • Correct hyperventilation (optimizing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels)
  • Correct hyperinflation or breath stacking
  • Relax the hyper-aroused nervous system and improve vagal tone
  • Improve efficiency of cardio respiratory interaction
  • Reduce breathlessness including feelings of insufficient or unsatisfied respiration

For more info on ‘Healing with the Breath’ workshop – click here

Our Face to Face course dates (Bookoccino, Avalon NSW) 

6-7.30pm Sun 2 July
6-7.30pm Sun 9 July
6-7.30pm Sun 16 July
6-7.30pm Sun 23 July
6-7.30pm Sun 30 July
6-7.30pm Sun 6 August

Join us from 6-7.30pm Sun 2 July
Cost – $650

66 Old Barrenjoey Rd
Avalon NSW Australia