6-8pm Friday night

Cost $60

Albuquerque – Fri 25 Oct

Location – Full Circle Wellness Center
5701 Carmel Avenue NE, Suite B

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Individualized functional retraining of breathing can be a key to improving outcomes in treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

Anatomically based treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) such as CPAP and mandibular advancement splints (MAS) often do not completely resolve OSA or are poorly tolerated with non-compliance in a significant proportion of patients.

Breathing retraining that improves efficiency and control of daytime breathing might also impact on breathing and airway stability at night and influence some or all of  the physiological traits known to contribute to sleep apnoea, particularly  in the case of patients with minimal anatomical risk factors.

Research has shown that a diverse variety of breathing retraining approaches improve sleep apnoea measures or clinically significant symptoms e.g. Buteyko method, inspiratory resistance training and diaphragmatic breathing. There is also a reduced incidence of sleep apnea with intensive and regular participation in activities that require high levels of breath control e.g. singing and playing wind instruments.

Please join us for an evening discussion and seminar on this topic