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Practitioners Functional Forum Meetup

The nature, quality and functionality of our patient’s breathing is important, because a patient’s breathing both reflects their current state of health and plays a role in determining their future health.

Breathing has many functions beyond the movement of air and provision of oxygen, it interacts with the physiology and physics of many body systems and influences structural development in children. It’s an integrator and one of the body’s most important functions that frequently becomes “dysfunctional”.  Once breathing becomes dysfunctional it disrupts homeostasis and system regulation.

Dysfunctional breathing along with compromised and insufficient airways, despite becoming increasingly common, is frequently overlooked. The consequence of this can be poor clinical outcomes. By optimizing breathing and airway function patients can fundamentally improve their ability to achieve health.

The solutions for correction of dysfunctional breathing and airway insufficiency are multi-disciplinary and require systems thinking. They can include breathing retraining/breathing therapies, holistic dentistry, treatment of gut and immune dysfunction, manual therapy, psychological therapies and more.

Dr. Rosalba Courtney ND, DO, PhD

Rosalba is an osteopath and naturopath with a passion for understanding how breathing can be used as a tool for healing. She has done a PhD on the topic of assessment and treatment of dysfunctional breathing and has published over 12 peer reviewed studies and book chapters on her research. She includes breathing assessment and breathing therapies as part of an integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients with a broad range of issues in her clinical practice.