Podcast – ‘Life is in the Breath’ Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Rosalba Courtney

You can go without food or water or even sleep but a few minutes of not breathing and you can’t survive. Dr. Rosalba Courtney joins us to explore the importance of breathing and some tips to breathe well. What does it mean to breathe well? Why is this so important? Why is it important to breathe through your nose? What impact it has on your body?

Asthma inhaler - young woman

Living well with asthma – What’s functional and dysfunctional breathing got to do with it?

Asthma affects 1 in 10 people in Australia, that’s about 2 million people and about 655 million dollars is spent on asthma every year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Breathing retaining, relaxation and manual therapy can improve dysfunctional breathing. Research has shown that after breathing training asthmatics often have less symptoms, less medication and better quality of life.