The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is proud to present the first  ACNEM Online Global Conference.

As millions of people battle a viral pandemic ACNEM is fulfilling its vision to transform global health through science and education.

We are so pleased that Rosalba will be presenting!

The 8-week conference will be investigating COVID-19 around the world and what environmental medicine looks like in 2020.

Rosalba will be presenting on 18 May and will be on the “How to Future Proof Ourselves?” panel 22 May

18 May ‘Breathing: Its Many Roles in Restoring Health and/or Maintaining Illness’

Breathing is our most essential body function, yet many people breathe in ways that promote disease rather than health. Many chronic illnesses disrupt breathing. Research shows that dysfunctional breathing affects 10% of healthy people, 30% of people with respiratory disease and up to 70% of people with anxiety.
Breathing dysfunction occurs when the homeostasis of breathing control is disrupted by stress, disease, and environmental factors or sometimes as a result of anatomical factors. Breathing dysfunction can contribute to poor sleep and also to obstructive sleep apnea and upper airways resistance syndrome. However, breathing that is dysfunctional can be retrained so that a person’s breathing supports healing and homeostasis rather than contributing to disease and dysfunction.
Specific breathing techniques can also be used therapeutically as adjunctive therapies for specific conditions e.g. to improve immune defence, optimise lung and airway function, train stress resilience, and improve functional aspects of sleep disordered breathing.
Key Messages
  • Breathing dysfunction is common, affecting up the 10% of the healthy population and up
    to 70% of patients with chronic disease.
  • Daytime and night-time breathing dysfunction impacts on many aspects of health and
    susceptibility to disease.
  • Breathing can be optimized to improve health and specific breathing techniques can be
    used to assist immunity and treatment outcomes for a range of conditions.

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